The Spider EV Jr. builds upon the innovative design technology of our new second generation Lusso, and takes it to a higher level of luxury, refinement, and performance. While the EV Jr. may look very similar to the Lusso at a glance, a very different car lies beneath the skin. The center piece of the EV Jr. is our new 175 HP fuel injected 2.0 crate engine and matching five speed transmission. The entire drive train is covered by a 2 year 24,000 mile warranty. Stage two chassis enhancements include full structural undercarriage reinforcement, with massive braking upgrades. For buyers with an open mind about a less traditional, highly modified Spider, the EV Jr. may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Starting at$89,995

Exterior Cosmetics

  • Chassis Fully disassembled prior to paint
  • all trim removed, including front and rear bumpers
  • doors, hood and deck lid removed
  • car stripped, includes full media blasting to bare metal
  • Premium exterior paint upgrade includes advanced preparation and finish work.
  • Metal replaced where necessary
  • no charge color change to desired choice
  • chrome retouched if necessary
  • Premium dry sanding and blocking for crisp body lines
  • prime, paint with two coats of base and at least four coats of clear
  • advanced multi-stage wet sanding and buffing to a show standard
  • Lusso canvas top installed with frame detail installed
  • Deluxe car cover
  • Ultimo Custom Padded Premium Leather Boot Cover (includes core)
  • Choice or 16” wheel options
  • Ultimo chrome trim

Interior Cosmetics

  • Interior removed and fully refurbished including all original leather and vinyl
  • Tub stripped and sanitized with anti-bacterial scrub
  • New carpets, leather dash, console, door panels, visors, shift boot
  • New cloth convertible top
  • Re-foam seats and refurbish seat frames
  • Premium floor and door sound insulation added
  • New Alpine stereo/cd/mp3
  • Tributo performance sound
  • Ultimo Full leather interior featuring premium Ferrari/Bentley sourced leather.
  • Hand stitched interior elements including upper/lower consoles, dash, & custom map pockets
  • Nardi Wood steering wheel with custom hub installed
  • Artisan hand cut trunk/ glove box Ultimo script badges
  • Ultimo heated driver and passenger seats
  • Tributo Premium Sound System


  • refurbish fuel system including gas tank, fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel lines
  • clean / refurbish fuel system
  • Custom front end suspension/steering components such as ball joints, tie rod ends, bushings, upper and lower control arm assembly
  • replace brake with new stock components
  • replace springs/shock absorbers
  • replace worn/dry rotted or flat spotted tires
  • Ultimo sport tuned suspension
  • Ultimo premium undercarriage detailing
  • Ultimo Electrical Package includes wiring harness upgrade plus 120 Amp High Output   Alternator, Gear reduction starter, LED interior lighting, etc
  • Ultimo Advanced Sound Insulation full tub
  • air conditioning or ventilation upgrade


  • 2.0 liter 16 valve crate engine
  • Custom radiator
  • thermostat
  • high performance engine tune/ECU
  • all seals and gaskets replaced
  • clutch replacement
  • rear end replacement to 8.8 spec

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