Spider America EV

What happens when you give your horsepower crazed engineers a clean sheet of paper and blank check? The new Roadster Salon Spider America is our most radical expression of performance in a Pininfarina Spider body. While built for only a select few—the Spider America borders on the insane. The Spider’s original tub is welded to a sophisticated steel chassis. Under the custom hood is your choice of a fire breathing 2.0 liter turbo-charged crate engine with custom fuel management (producing nearly 260HP), or an even more extreme 2.3 liter monster (boasting well over 320HP). Power is managed by a custom ECU, and distributed through a silky smooth six-speed transmission. Truly an Italian Cobra, the Spider America is as powerful as many vintage Ferraris, in a package that weighs substantially less. Light, nimble and agile, the Spider America is a race car for the street that is both exhilarating to drive and see. Aside from the stunning design cues, imagine the surprise when accelerating away from a toll booth as you leave a Porsche Boxster sniffing your exhaust fumes.

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