15 minutes of Spring and its almost Summer—Dionisio Project heads into June

Managing multiple projects at the same time requires a great deal of coordination and a little luck. This year, the testing of late stage projects has taken on quite a bit of headwind. From relentless rain to the seemingly unending grip of Winter, Mother Nature has not done Roadster Salon any favors this year. Virtually every project has fallen behind. With the weather not breaking until early May, frustration with our lack of ability to road test has put the entire staff on edge.

D’Avola built engine, a work of art
Engine build in process

Timing concerns with the ability to take delivery overseas over the Summer has provided some flexibility on the Dioniso build. While originally planned for an unveiling during July, the delivery date has been pushed back to September to coincide with the Dioniso family’s travel plans. Engine and Mechanical phases continue with the body work completed and interior progressing. With the revised time line, interior assembly will be pushed back to August. This will give us time to attend to other projects while keeping the Dionisio build on schedule.

Pain staking attention to detail
Careful fabrication of interior components

Rob Baird commented further: “I think it is critical our customers understand time lines on custom builds are only broad estimates. There are just too many variables to hold to exact delivery dates. Take in context, Roadster Salon is one of the only high line restoration and engineering shops on the planet who have fixed pricing rather than billing for labor hours expended. Our staff is on salary. They are purposefully not incentivized for working quickly. We don’t want quality to suffer.”

Some projects amass labor logs that literally exceed one thousand man hours. If we billed a customer for literally every minute we spend on a build—the cost would be astronomical.

Engine components ready for reassembly
A look inside Roberto’s masterpiece