New FI System to Benefit Non-Turbo Customers

Those watching our blog know that the stock Bosch fuel injection system is incompatible with our advanced turbo design. This required a complete re-think of how fuel management in general can work in a Spider. Once the turbo system plumbing was finalized, our interests turned to developing a workable injection design that could not only solve the turbo challenges but potentially be used with non-turbocharged cars as well.

According to Director of Operations Rob Baird, the solution is near. “We realized early on that the turbo design would be highly complex and require advanced engineering and tuning. During the process we discovered an additional benefit for those who did not wish to add forced induction to their Spiders. The new fuel injection system has the potential to improve performance and reliability all on its own merits”. Baird added further that early returns on the design have been very positive, as the new system allows for a smoother running engine that feels significantly more modern. Production version of the 2.0 FI turbo is shown above, being installed into our first customer project. The project is getting close to completion with Dyno testing scheduled for late September.