Yes, it’s Almost Here. The 2024, Intercooled FI 2.0 Turbo

This is not photoshop. Here’s the latest information on the production version of our modern, fuel injected, intercooled turbo. It’s custom dyno-tuned and fresh from our engineering department. Nearly three years in the making. It will be offered in two configurations—a low pressure touring version with an estimated 150 HP, and a 200+ HP high pressure version with internal engine modifications. Cut and paste our YouTube video link of the running system below. Trust us…it’s very cool.

When we first set out to develop a modern replacement for the original Legend Industries turbo build from 81-82, we thought it would be easy to improve upon a forty-year-old design. But we discovered early on that the existing fuel injection would never work properly with a forced induction engine. The old system featured a “closed” computer that could not be tuned for compatibility with a modern turbo. Aside from the obvious requirement of an “open” programmable computer design, many new components were necessary for the design to work. A completely new fuel injection system, wiring harness, sensors and other components were necessary to make management of the turbo fuel system possible.  Also needed were costly redesigns of the exhaust manifold and piping. All in all, an enormous undertaking but well worth the effort. Our first production version shown above. Orders will begin shipping in January 2024.