Pininfarina designed automobiles have been described as rolling works of art. Like a conservator who restores a classic painting to its original splendor—our artisans take forgotten, road weary Spiders, and return them to their former glory. Each Spider is hand crafted by a team of certified Ferrari/Maserati mechanics and Italian car specialist. Every chassis is thoroughly screened, refurbished and tested—so that new memories can be built confidently with the turn of a key. Roadster Salon recreates memories of our youth. Simpler times of sunny days, wind in our hair, troubles left behind, and a curvy road ahead. hausarbeit schreiben lassen

Roadster Salon restorations typically fall into two categories: Original (standard) and modified. While some customers want their spiders to be rebuilt carefully following original guidelines—others look for more contemporary underpinnings to support the car’s beautiful Pininfarina coach work. All our spiders are evolutions of a classic ideal, built to be enjoyed whenever the passion arises. We seek to restore beauty, improve reliability, and retain practicality. Roadster Salon Spiders are meant to be driven and enjoyed, not just shipped from show to show. ghostwriter facharbeit

We currently offer five models intended to fit the needs of most customers. Three basic build platforms, and two performance packages are now available. All are intended to meet a range of expectations. From the entry level “Originale”, midrange Avanzato, benchmark Lusso S2 to the exotic Ultimo–each package offers a level of restoration quality that only a true specialist can deliver. Every Spider is built to suit the needs and tastes of our individual clients. New limited edition offerings like the Spider Corsa provide even further inspiration. Custom features, options and color selections are yours to decide. The process is interactive. You dream it, we build it.


The Roadster Salon restoration team has been enthusiastically bringing classic roadsters back to life for over 20 years. Like many successful ventures, Roadster Salon reflects the passion of its founder. John Marchica was a sports car enthusiast with a fondness for all things Italian. He had a keen eye for the aesthetic and detail. A true man of the world, he was also a sculptor, painter and pretty handy with a wrench. John’s first restoration projects were for own enjoyment, but he eventually undertook work for family and friends. In the early 90’s John opened a successful detail shop called The Auto Spa, where he created the framework for what would eventually become Roadster Salon.

John’s affection for Italian sports cars was passed on to his son Ray, who first sold and restored Fiat, MG and Alfa Romeo sports cars as a hobby while attending college. “My first project was an early 70’s vintage Fiat Spider. Much of the work was done after hours by an Italian car mechanic at the dealership where I worked part-time. I learned a great deal, but ended up selling the car to a college buddy at a loss. I heard he still has that car!”

Years later, Ray’s successful career on Wall Street and other entrepreneurial endeavors allowed him to return to the passion he shared with his father. John’s talent was well established when Ray began helping him in his spare time about ten years ago. Each year, the number of projects and their scope increased dramatically. Roadster Salon had grown from a retirement hobby to the largest Fiat based restoration company in North America.

When John took ill in 2010, Ray stepped in to provide support and direction. Another important change was to promote long time Shop Manager Rob Baird to Director of Operations. Since John’s passing in 2012, Ray and his wife personally supervise and sign off on every phase of the restoration process before completion. To accommodate the production of new models, advanced level projects and larger inventory selection, Ray moved the company to an upgraded facility in 2013.

“Changes in economic priorities have actually worked in our favor. Customers who previously were looking for investment grade convertibles in the high-end market have been broadened their searches. We offer a variety of price points to address the budgetary needs of our customers. Even our most basic restorations have the highest level of quality. The key is to properly align a client’s expectations with what is possible for their how much they want to spend. Regardless of price point, Roadster Salon Spiders offer style and exclusivity for the dollar that is hard to match. You can be driving a restored Italian classic with investment potential for less than the price of a used BMW convertible.”

“Our spiders are not for everyone. We can only build enough for a select few each year. The bottom line is fun. These cars are wonderful. Spiders provide a dose of nostalgia and exclusivity that’s impossible to surpass with contemporary sports cars.”

See our inventory list of chassis for future production. Roadster Salon can restore an example to original standards, or modify it to fit personal requirements.