Why Us?

Artisan Craftsmanship

Each phase of our restorations is performed by award winning master craftsmen. Roadster Salon’s Mechanics are all factory Ferrari and Maserati certified–the pinnacle of Italian car expertise. Our premium body work and luxury interiors rival the best efforts of high-end coach builders. Roadster Salon only restores Spiders, so our team is highly focused and ultra-efficient. We offer a level of quality that can only be achieved through dedication, repetition and refinement.

Purchase Options

Roadster Salon customers have several purchase options:
1) Choose to purchase one of our completed cars
2) “Recreate a Memory” by having us build a Spider to your exact specifications
3) Select one of our pre-priced models for your build
4) Provide your own Spider for us to restore to its past glory

Our Warranty

Restoration shops rarely warranty their work. Roadster Salon’s exclusive warranty policy demonstrates full confidence in the quality of our workmanship. The coverage extends to all restored components. Please consult with your project manager for details.

Our Exclusive Upgrade Policy

We provide our customers the ultimate flexibility to upgrade the components on their spider or trade it back to us for full value during the original warranty period. Ask your sales person for details.

Fixed Pricing

Most restoration shops provide a soft estimate of costs before starting a project. As work progresses, supplemental invoices are added. This approach can add tens of thousands of dollars to the final restoration bill. At Roadster Salon, once your build sheet is complete, there are no adjustments to the price. Careful inventory screening keeps surprises to a minimum, and allows us to fix our pricing.

Versatile Packages

Roadster Salon understands that not every customer shares the same expectations and budget. Our package options assure the needs of virtually every customer will be met.

Shorter Lead Times

Since we focus one type of car restoration, our expertise is unparalleled—allowing for greater efficiency in production.

Customer Care

After the Sale Roadster salon has a network of trading partners nationwide, enlisted to help service your car after the sale. We do not sell parts to the general public, but maintain an inventory for own customer’s support.