Customer Review of New Spider Lusso S2, #001

First, to all at Roadster Salon, THANK YOU for affording me the opportunity to upgrade my previous Avanzato restoration to a full Lusso S2. The care and love you put into the project was inspiring. Roadster Salon’s dedication to excellence shows in the workmanship and attention to detail so apparent in the car. Knowing that I received the first S2 off your production line makes it feel all the more special.

The first thing I noticed when I got behind the wheel was the Lusso’s interior finish upgrades. Every surface was covered in fresh, high-end leather. The ventilation system is much improved, with new controls and relocated vents. The new system not only functions much more efficiently, but looks far better. Heat and defrost now actually work like a modern car. The entire interior fits precisely and seems more dialed in than the original spider. Seats are more padded, and the hand stitched touches on the dash, console and door panels look more Maserati than Fiat. I also appreciated the upgraded sound system, which no longer fights the wind when the top is down.

Not only does the car look beautiful, but the driving experience has also greatly improved as compared to the car’s previous configuration. Before the upgrades, I was always at least subconsciously aware that I was driving a 30+ year-old car. Even though the Avanzato restoration included many new parts, the project remained true to the original design. Consequently, it demanded to be driven with some respect for its age. Now, by contrast, the car encourages spirited driving! Like a thoroughbred horse, it wants to run! Everything about the car feels “engineered” and enhanced. Frankly the whole package makes it drive like a contemporary car.

The new suspension and brakes, the chassis bracing, lowered ride height, anti-sway bars and the new rack-and-pinion steering all work together to make the car feel solid, tight and capable. The original Spider’s worm and roller steering previously felt a bit vague and rubbery. It is now precise with great feedback, and requires much less effort than before–especially at low speed. The car goes exactly where it’s pointed, and, even in high-speed corners, line adjustments can be made with confidence. This little Spider seems to almost ignore the laws of physics!

Of course, I fully expected the handling would be better than before, considering all the improvements made. The big surprise is that, in spite of the car’s light weight, lowered ride height and low-profile tires, the ride is amazingly comfortable – no buckboard harshness or unpleasant jolts. I am also pleased with the increased horsepower versus the original configuration. Roberto is a genius with engines, and the Lusso version definitely pulls better through the mid-band and feels less constrained. The hand signature is a cool touch, and the deeper sound is just lovely.

Congratulations on this superior effort–and again, mille grazie. I’m having a blast with my little Spider Lusso S2. I’m so impressed, maybe an Ultimo or CE upgrade are in my future!

Vince B – New Jersey