Dionisio not quite Finito

While it may take nine months to have a baby, it takes longer to give birth to a custom Pininfarina spider. We thought we were close about a month ago, but the special instrument panel is fighting us. Other elements are dragging on a bit too. We have taken our first ride in the car, but it still feels like it needs additional sorting.

Our main concern at this point is the impending winter in Chicago, which will make further testing difficult if not impossible. It all comes down to customer direction, and if Mr. Dioniso will allow the car to be driven with snow/salt on the roads. My guess is that we will take it as far as we can this Fall, and wait for significant road time in March or April when the chill of the air is gone and the salt trucks are parked until next season.

As with any project, customer excitement and anticipation are difficult to balance with the reality of working on an almost forty-year-old chassis. Marrying new design elements with old technology is always a challenge. Hard to tell a patient customer the cake isn’t ready to come out of the oven.