Dionisio Project Postscript Review

Finally! Our 124 Spider 2000 (1983 Pininfarina) has arrived. The word FINALLY is not meant to convey negative connotations, but is an expression of elation for a much-awaited car.

The final delivery of our 124 was delayed by a very harsh and long winter in the Chicago area in 2019, and the impossibility for Roadster Salon to get miles and iron out bugs on a nearly finished car. We have taken the last year to develop our impressions, and share them with your other customers.

We soon began to appreciate that Roadster Salon does not just rebuild cars but they make dreams happen and nothing leaves their facility unless it is perfect. The attention to the smallest detail is second to none. In fact, one may say that Ray Marchica and his team develop a sort of personal attachment to every project, as if this was their own piece of art.

From a customer viewpoint the process to build our car was very straightforward.
We spent some time computer modeling to get a rendering of what the finished car would look like. Then we agreed on the basic specs, colors and interior details and sit back for the final delivery. Later we made a quick visit to Roadster Salon facility towards the end of the build, which we believe was fundamental to meet the team and to iron out cosmetic details. These details that made the difference on the perfection of the final build.

Following the car’s arrival at my son’s house in California, one cannot express but admiration for the quality of the work from the paint, to the wood of the dash panel, the leather interior and to the state-of-the-art instruments. We knew this up front when we saw that the paint job was done by spraying each panel individually after meticulous disassembly– rather than on an assembled car. Every panel was sprayed vertically, so the paint could be the same thickness and the color would be consistent. This is quality workmanship rarely seen.

My son Andrea and I look forward to continue enjoying this Spider in the Los Angeles area, and as I live in Switzerland, I am already thinking of another one to take back to Europe. (Need to get approval from my wife though!!) The driving experience has been wonderful.

One last comment: I am sure there are many places that can rebuild a FIAT 124, but if one wants a true work of art car with meticulous attention to detail, then I believe Roadster Salon is the place to go. To the next one.

Roberto and Andrea Dionisio, April 2020