End of April, and snow still on the ground. Take me to Miami.

While Winter’s grip has lasted much longer than anyone cares for, Roadster trudges on. Very frustrating to be looking into May still wearing your parka from Eddie Baur. Pleased to report a stunning result from the body shop, with the Dioniso spider receiving some of the best paint work we have ever done. As shown in the photos, the meticulous attention to detail given to our mechanical and interior work is also reflected in our exterior treatment.

Body components hung in primer
Same components painted vertically

Operations Manager Rob Baird explains: “You can paint a car for $2500 or $25,000. While the quality and quantity of materials used is certainly important, the key to a stunning paint job is all in the details. Preparation, execution and finish work are all critical. It all comes down to how much time you want to spend. How many hours were allocated to carefully sanding and blocking each panel? Was the car painted horizontally or vertically? Like all the best shops, Roadster uses at least two coats of primer, and multiple coats of paint and clear in every project. But to get a show quality mirror finish, days must be spent wet sanding and cutting the paint after it leaves the booth. No way around it.”

Ferrari Fly Yellow beautifully applied
Paint looks stunning

During the paint phase, other work is also being done concurrently at our facility. Engine and transmission building by famed artisan Roberto D’Avola takes center stage while the chassis is at our body shop. “I started building motors when I was a child in Italy with my brother. It is still my passion. I spend weeks building a single engine and I sign every one personally,” D’Avola said enthusiastically. Rob Baird added “Roberto is a trues craftsman. Over the years he has developed so many tricks Undercarriage component fabrication by our engineering department and other mechanical work are all in progress simultaneously. Now that the Dionisio Family has selected the leather, construction of the custom interior can also move forward.
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