First Spider Icona Finds New Home in Telluride Colorado

This incredible photo was taken shortly after delivery by a very happy customer in Telluride Colorado. Believe it or not, this stunning picture was not digitally enhanced! It’s our first delivery of a Spider Icona, based on a 1984 Pininfarina Spider Azzurra.

The Icona model is a comprehensive restoration that revitalizes the entire Spider with meticulous mechanical detail and vastly improved cosmetic materials. Unlike our Rinata and Estrema models, the Icona maintains the original Spider’s character without contemporary upgrades. At the customer’s request, we improved braking for mountain roads, which also required the addition of 15” wheels to clear the four piston calipers. Otherwise, it remains faithful to the original design. This Azzurra has been entered in a national show coming up in a few weeks. We plan to do a feature story, co-written by the new owner about his experience with our team and his impressions of the car!