Illinois Shelter in Place Restrictions Likely to Continue into Early Summer

At this point, I am sure most of you have been touched personally by the COVID-19 outbreak. Unless you live in one of the few states with minimal exposure, you are probably sheltering in place like we are here in Chicago. We hope you are all taking advantage of this time home alone with your families, looking forward to when we can return to life as we remember.

While I wish the restoration business was considered to be essential, unfortunately Roadster Salon has been shuttered just like most small businesses. Obviously, the timing of this closure could not be worse, considering how heavily Roadster Salon depends upon our Spring and Summer market. Consequently, our delivery commitments have all been pushed back indefinitely. Regardless of when the all clear to return is finally given, it will be many months before our high-risk staffers feel comfortable enough to resume their full time schedules, and supply chains are replenished. It is simply too soon to make any determinations about future delivery dates, other than to say we will do our best. The quality of Roadster Salon projects will never be compromised, so we ask for your patience and support during these unprecedented events.

Our management team has been working from home, and planning for the future. Our interest in the electrification of several spider models is undeterred. We have been looking into ways to further develop this technology, by improving performance and expanding range. Roadster Salon is also hoping to offer our customers a third, more affordable all-electric spider in the years to come. We had planned to begin deliveries of our Spider America EV and EV Junior late this Summer or early Fall. However, with our development partners sharing the same predicament we face here in Chicago, that time line has been pushed back. We will also need to see the economy re-opened before we begin scaling production.

On a positive note, driving a classic car in nice weather is still one of the activities that you can enjoy with minimal risk. While the pandemic is likely to cause used car values to suffer, the classic car market has traditionally been a safe haven for investors. In volatile market downturns, like in 2001 and 2008, many classic cars prices remained stable. If your purchase is long term you should reasonably expect Roadster Salon Spiders to continue to be fun, reliable, worry free investments. We currently have a handful of previously completed projects and trade-ins available for your immediate purchase this Spring. I can be reached at our normal number (847.769.7880), as shop calls are being forwarded to my cell. Love to chat!

Ray Marchica