Mazda Based 2017 Fiat 124 Helps Original Find New Fans

With tepid response to the new Fiat 124 from the motoring press and enthusiast community, the door has opened wider than ever for resurgent interest in Roadster Salon’s developmental work with the original Fiat Spider platform.

The Spider Lusso S2 has been our most successful model, and currently has over 15 month backlog of orders. The Lusso was our first step toward building a spider of our own design. It was Roadster Salon’s direct response to customers interested in buying a vintage car with classic lines, but wanting a more contemporary driving experience and improved reliability.”

Most of our customers find the new Fiat version to be generic and uninspired when compared directly to the original. While the older version has obvious shortcomings in stock form, after driving the 2017 Fiat 124, we were more convinced than ever about the original Spider’s potential. Ultimately, for those who prefer the classic design, the upgraded Roadster Salon version can be a viable alternative to the new 124.

Email Inquiries and phone calls about Roadster Salon Spider models have increased two fold this fall. We can only attribute the strong interest to the brand awareness sparked by the introduction of the new model.  Roadster Salon currently offers five models of the Spider, from original restorations to highly modified versions.