Spider America EV

In 2016, Roadster Salon began development of the Spider America based on a high-performance gas driveline. But after several years of testing and the emergence of an all-electric alternative, it became clear that a change in focus was necessary. The high-performance Eco-boost gas driveline continues in development. The Spider America’s stunning body enhancements and technical upgrades provided the ideal platform for the ultimate expression of Roadster Salon’s design and engineering capabilities.

Starting at$149,900

Roadster Salon plans to offer two different electric drive lines in the Spider America. One similar to what is currently planned for the EV Junior with extended range. A second radical version we currently are referring to as “Il Mostro” which means “the monster”. An electric drive unit capable of over 300 HP and 700-foot pounds of torque creates an unmatched driving experience wrapped around a timeless vintage car body. Range improves to 200 miles.

“Il Mostro” will be wider than the current Spider America, but remain true to its original concept and styling. Braking and handling are enhanced by our proprietary steering and structural upgrades. Planned is a heavy-duty Ford sourced 8.8 rear end with advanced suspension.

A truly stunning visual and tactile affair, the Spider America EV has no peer. Roadster Salon EV models are built on their own production line, to the highest possible standards. Prices start at $149,900-195,900 depending on custom configuration and performance. Please call for more information. Now accepting reservation deposits for 2023 production.

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