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For nearly twenty years, Roadster Salon has carefully built a reputation as the premier restorer and modifier of Fiat and Pininfarina Spiders worldwide. In 2024, Roadster was nominated as one of the few certified restoration purveyors of Spiders by Pininfarina in Italy. A tremendous complement and testimony to the artisan craftsmanship of our staff.

The Spider America is the ultimate expression of Roadster Salon’s design creativity. It harmoniously combines the beauty of the original Pininfarina bodywork with its own stunning interpretation and tastefully added details. The result is a Spider that looks and drives like no other—a truly unique and modern take on the original Spider design. A car that exudes testosterone and Ferrari DNA.

Starting at$149,900

The development of the Spider America began in 2016, with concepts and drawings. Several years later, the first prototype was constructed from a well-worn 1983 Pininfarina chassis. Once the body work was completed, a debate raged within Roadster Salon as to how this incredible design would be powered. An unprecedented performance goal or 300HP and sub-five second 0-60 MPH time was set as the benchmark. Modern drivetrains from Fiat were considered, but there was too little aftermarket support to make this a practical option. Upgraded versions of the original Lampredi 2.0 engine were also contemplated, but the 300HP target sparked concerns about durability and temperament. Without an obvious solution, parallel development of an all-electric model to complement the gas version of the car was also undertaken.

While our “green initiative” continues with pursuit of a more refined all electric option—we’ve listened to and responded to our customer’s demands. Certain factors such as the resurgent popularity of the manual transmission, overwhelming interest in the Spider Estrema Turbo, and mixed success of electric sportscars in general altered our thinking. By the close of 2023, production of the internal combustion counterpart to the EV became our #1 priority.

The 2024 Spider America

With assistance from Ford Racing engineers, the new Spider America took shape. Que the high-performance Ford Ecoboost 2.3 Turbo gas driveline with custom dry sump oiling, Tremec five-speed transmission, and heavy duty 8.8 custom rear. These components serve as the foundation and perfect complement to the Spider America’s stunning body enhancements. Our proprietary technical upgrades provided the ideal platform for the ultimate expression of Roadster Salon’s design and engineering capabilities. Overall performance is on par with the Shelby Cobra from the 1960’s. With over 310HP in base trim and a 2200-pound curb weight, 0-60 acceleration is breathtaking. For thrill seekers, a “track only” 550HP version of the 2.3 will be available next year.

A truly stunning visual and tactile affair, the Spider America has no peer. Roadster Salon Spider America models are built on their own production line, to the highest possible standards. Prices start at $149,900-$195,900 depending on custom configuration and performance level. Please call for more information. Now accepting reservation deposits for 2024/25 production, which will be limited to our first ten numbered and plated “Launch Editions”.

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