Spider Estrema

To suit the taste of both luxury and performance-oriented customers, two different versions of the Estrema are available–Touring and Sport. Each model has its own unique personality. Think of the new Estrema series as more “extreme” versions of the Rinata. Both Touring and Sport models feature higher levels of customization, opulence, power and handling.

Starting at$89,995

The new Estrema Touring—

Elegance, Sophistication and Reliability by Roadster Salon”

The “T” version comes standard with our new proprietary fuel injection system featuring custom programmable fuel management for improved fuel economy, reliability and 15% horsepower upgrade. The new system is the first truly modern redesign of the original Lampredi engine in over 40 years. It offers smoother operation in a variety of climate conditions.

Two dash designs options are available, with custom LED back lit gauges, a GPS tracked odometer and speedo, plus artisan crafted wood and chrome details. Top grain Italian leather with custom stitching throughout the cabin is standard. All Estrema models feature our Generation III rack and pinion steering system, next generation structural chassis bracing, and upgraded multi-piston braking systems.

Our Estrema Sport–

“Quicker acceleration from 0-60 than a Lamborghini Countach from the same era”

This model places even greater emphasis on performance. It is designed for those seeking a spider with sharper reflexes and much quicker acceleration. The heart of the “S” is our new exclusive turbocharged and intercooled Fiat 2.0 engine, which boosts horsepower to near 170. The combination of light weight and increased torque combine for a much more exciting driving experience. In the mid-1980’s Road and Track Magazine considered the Lamborghini Countach’s 6.8 second 0-60 time to be among the quickest production cars available. To provide context, Roadster Salon’s Estrema Sport bests the Lambo’s vintage acceleration by several tenths.

Daily driving is also greatly enhanced. The improved low RPM power makes frequent down-shifts unnecessary. The Estrema Sport easily pulls from 1500 RPM in 5th gear without hesitation. The added flexibility and immediate responsiveness are jaw dropping, with an engine that feels much like a small six-cylinder.

The Sport also features stiffer suspension, and a unique dash with boost gauge. An optional custom hood with functional intake from the Spider America is an available option, fabricated from steel or carbon fiber. Each car is finished exclusively in a custom premium color from Maserati’s or Ferrari’s factory color chart. Prices for the Estrema Touring models start at $89,995. The base Sport Turbo starts at $109,995. respectively. We also offer a higher performance version with internal engine upgrades and 195HP on a special-order basis.

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