Spider Icona

The word “Iconic” is defined as something widely viewed as exceptional, with distinctive excellence. The timeless beauty of the Fiat Spider by Pininfarina is truly “Iconic” in every sense. From the curvaceous body lines, advanced engineering to its brilliant technical design—the Spider looks at home in the company of the most revered classic sports cars ever built, regardless of price.

Popular Options:
Original style air conditioning: $3,995
Burled walnut upgrade: $1,595

Starting at$59,995

For the last twenty years, Roadster Salon has been dedicated to the preservation and restoration of vintage Spiders. As the number of survivors dwindle, it’s become clear the remaining examples deserve a level of attention to detail that simply isn’t possible at the entry level. The cost of parts, materials and labor necessary to return these lovely convertibles to their original splendor has become significantly more expensive with each passing year. Further, the value of the finest Spiders has dramatically increased, making the cost of more extensive restorations easier to justify.

Roadster Salon customers typically fall into one of two categories—Purists and Pragmatists. The Purists longs for the nostalgia of the original spider, and prefers the car restored to an original standard. The Pragmatists love the lines of the classic spider, but want an improved driving experience with contemporary reliability.

The Spider Icona is intended to appeal to the Purist customer. The original character of the spider is retained through the use of factory approved replacement parts. Where possible, Roadster Salon has improved the quality of the original spider’s fit and finish during re-assembly. Luxurious hand stitched premium leather replaces vinyl where possible.

The result is a car that feels just like old times—only better

The Spider Icona is an advanced level restoration that includes all the essential mechanical elements to assure your Spider will be reliable and fun. Outstanding cosmetics include the full disassembly of the chassis prior to paint, and bare re-spray in your choice of color. The scope of mechanical work includes the removal/rebuild of the engine and transmission, as well the replacement of all wear items. The original 102 HP engine with fuel injection is retained.

If you are a purist looking for a nostalgic driving experience that will transport you back to a simpler time—the Spider Icona is your ride to get there. Get out your Members Only jacket, styling mousse and New Wave CD. It’s time to party like its 1985.

Exterior Cosmetics

  • Chassis Fully disassembled prior to paint
  • all trim removed, including front and rear bumpers
  • doors, hood and deck lid removed
  • car stripped, includes full media blasting to bare metal
  • Standard paint preparation and finish work.
  • Metal replaced where necessary
  • no charge color change to desired choice
  • chrome retouched if necessary
  • Standard dry sanding and blocking for crisp body lines
  • prime, paint with two coats of base and at least four coats of clear
  • standard wet sanding and buffing

Interior Cosmetics

  • Interior removed and fully refurbished including all original leather and vinyl
  • Tub stripped and sanitized with anti-bacterial scrub
  • New carpets, dash, console, door panels, visors, shift boot
  • New cloth convertible top
  • Re-foam seats and refurbish seat frames
  • Leather seating standard
  • Floor and door sound insulation added
  • New Alpine stereo/cd/mp3
  • Tributo performance sound optional


  • refurbish fuel system including gas tank, fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel lines
  • clean / refurbish fuel system
  • Replace front end suspension/steering components such as ball joints, tie rod ends, bushings, upper and lower control arm assembly
  • replace brake with new stock components
  • replace springs/shock absorbers
  • replace worn/dry rotted or flat spotted tires in original size
  • optional 15” wheel and tire upgrade
  • optional Stage One brake upgrade


  • Full engine out standard rebuild
  • refurbish / replace radiator
  • thermostat replaced
  • all seals and gaskets replaced
  • clutch replacement/automatic transmission rebuild
  • rear end rebuild

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