New “Linex” Process Preserves Chassis for the Future

Roadster Salon is proud to announce a new teammate in our effort to constantly improve the quality and workmanship of our Spiders. “In years past, we spent nearly a week preparing every tub by hand. The products available on the open market were simply not as well suited as the material provided by Linex,” according to Production Assistant Connor Harrington. “We tested their special undercoating and tub treatment on several vehicles this Summer, and found it to be much more durable and harder to penetrate than anything we could buy from our suppliers. It’s tough stuff!”
The tub treatment is rock hard and insulates the Spider from vibration and dampens sound. “It’s very similar to bed liner used in commercial pick-up trucks,” Harrington said. “Linex undercoating dries more quickly, protects the car from rust, and gives our spiders a more finished appearance. Our cars always looked gorgeous on top—but now they are just as nice underneath.”
Before sending each chassis to Linex, Roadster Salon’s custom preparation involves many hours of hand sanding, scraping and scuffing exposed surfaces. Upon arrival, each tub is specially masked, then put on a rotating rack which makes access much less difficult. The two-stage process is applied by Linex professionals with painstaking care. Their attention to detail to prevent overspray is impressive.
Linex offers a lifetime warranty when their product is applied by a franchised Linex dealer. “Its warrantied not to crack, bubble, or flake for as long as you own your Spider.” Roadster Salon is so pleased with the Linex product that we are making it a standard feature on all our Lusso models and above, starting this Winter.

Example of tub treatment process for Lusso
Masked and taped, shell prepped
Both sides of car are treated
Car on rotisserie
Process is expensive but very worthwhile. Material dries rock hard and extremely tough. No rust welcome here!