Roadster Announces First Proprietary Turbo System

Your eyes do not deceive you. After several years of conversation and pre-development, Roadster Salon’s engineers and subs have committed to building a contemporary turbo system for the 2.0 fuel injected spider. The modern turbo idea was first entertained in the early 2000’s by Roadster’s sales team led by Ray’s father prior to his passing. The original Legend industries turbo was a bolt on disaster, designed to take advantage of the “turbo craze” in the early 1980’s. Only 700 were built. They offered cool body graphics, a neat boost gauge in dash, and enough performance to notice a gentle push forward in second and third gear. If all elements aligned, you enjoyed a modest 20% increase in power until the system went south. Unfortunately, this usually happened after a scant 30K miles—less if you drove aggressively.

Our concept won’t come cheaply, as the design isn’t compatible with the stock fuel injection or the original computers. But Roadster Salon’s new contemporary turbo has tremendous upside. Watch this space as the project develops.