Roadster Salon Announces Purchase of New Facility

Yes, the sign is on the door, but we’re not moved in yet. With a lot of help from our bank and our new friends at the SBA, Roadster Salon is proud to announce the purchase of our own facility. After many years of renting and dealing with the trials and tribulations of uncooperative neighbors and demanding landlords, we finally have our own building! Our beautiful new facility is a stand-alone property located in Wheeling Illinois. It sits strategically right in the middle of our most active local markets, and is easily assessable for our out-of-town visitors. The new building is less than three minutes from Palwaukee Executive Airport, and about 25 minutes from O’hare International.

The building is a flexible space that will incorporate our offices, showroom and storage. With nearly 18,000 square feet at our disposal and plenty of parking, this building will serve as our retail hub for years to come. Operations Manager Rob Baird said, “We are also pleased to announce a three-year extension on our lease at our Palatine restoration facility. While we may eventually rent or purchase a building a bit closer to our Wheeling hub, it would have been far too disruptive to our customers and staff to move this location simultaneously.” Unfortunately, our current work load will delay a formal grand opening event at our new building until some later date in 2023. Until now we plan to keep a low profile and set up the new location over time. Formal operations at this address are planned for early Summer.