Roadster Salon Finalizes Production Plans for 2017 and beyond

The tremendous success of the Lusso S2 has encouraged our engineers to take our modified designs to the next level.  Sales, Marketing and Engineering are all in lock step, agreeing that the Lusso S2 takes the existing Spider platform about as far as we realistically can without making major changes to the suspension and drive line. After spending over two years experimenting with Fiat based alternatives to the original 2.0 Lampredi engine, we decided to go in a completely different direction. Our new models will have clear differences in performance and personality.

The “Tributo” will start out as a special edition version of the Lusso S2, but will eventually become its own model. Scheduled for spring 2017, the “Tributo” will feature a restyled interior, up-market materials and an entirely new gauge/dashboard arrangement. Based on the incredible early feedback we have received, the new interior design may eventually find its way into other models as well. The exterior will feature some unique styling ques that pays tribute to famous roadsters of the past.

A second generation Ultimo is planned for the second half of 2017. While exterior styling remains unchanged, the primary difference will be underneath the sheet metal. The Ultimo S2 will be based on a 175-180 HP normally aspirated 2.0 liter crate engine, matched to a high performance 5-speed transmission. The car will also have a more robust matching rear end, improved braking and revised suspension design. Essentially, this will no longer be a Fiat Spider, but a highly modified Roadster Salon Spider built around the classic Pininfarina bodywork.

Conceptually, we intend for the Ultimo S2 to be a less brutal version of the Evoluzione, with more emphasis on luxury and touring. It should appeal to our widest range of our customers. From a performance standpoint, our goal is for the Ultimo S2 is to surpass the driving experience of the 2017 Fiat 124 in a more refined, classic package.

The long awaited Corsa-Evoluzione will follow the release of the Ultimo S2. As early photos have shown, the CE has unique bodywork that harkens Ferrari’s from the 1960’s. But make no mistake, this car aims to embarrass the hottest version of the new 124, and compete with the Alfa Romeo 4C, Porsche Boxster, Corvette and other similar offerings. The Evo will offer a turbocharged version of the 2.0 liter crate engine standard, with a 2.3 liter option. Power will be between 270-335 HP, depending on configuration. A six-speed manual and with independent rear suspension is planned, but first generation models will likely have a fortified chassis design based on the Ultimo S2. Both models will come with a 2 year/24K mile warranty.

According to Ray Marchica, Roadster Salon Director of Sales and Marketing, the company envisions a more streamlined future line-up consisting of several Fiat based models, and at least two component built Spiders. All new models will feature Roadster Salon’s proprietary technology and engineering. While they will continue to offer “original” style restorations, their focus will remain  building contemporary versions of the Spider that are modified to meet the standards and tastes of today’s sports car enthusiasts.