Roadster Salon Increases Production Capabilities for 2023

Roadster Salon’s pandemic rebound continues into 2023. After two years of snail-paced productivity hampered by parts shortages, vendor closures and staffing challenges, Roadster is poised for a significant rebound this year. Roadster Salon is implementing number of major changes including staff additions, sub-contracted engineering, and more.

“Prior to the pandemic, Roadster Salon’s business model allowed for steady progress on multiple projects simultaneously. But it has been more than two years since we’ve seen that level of productivity,” said Rob Baird Director of Operations. “The number of projects under Roadster Salon management has literally tripled since 2019, and we have been unable to keep up with demand.” According to Baird, to enhance overall efficiency without compromising quality, major changes were necessary. “We are now directly importing a number of parts rather then relying solely on Domestic suppliers. Roadster is securing our own body shop facility to do our projects exclusively. Body/Paint work has been a huge impediment to our overall ability to finish cars. Our volume has allowed us some influence on timelines, but it isn’t the same as having 100% control,” said Baird.

Roadster Salon is also making changes to their supervisory structure at the shop, integrating additional technicians and fashioning more efficient workspace. “We are creating an environment with more emphasis on team building and cooperation. Roles will now be more interchangeable. Previously we focused on performing tasks that were tailored to individual skill sets. It made everything take longer than necessary. One person off work made projects grind to a halt. This is going to return big dividends in the future”, said Baird.