Roadster Salon Now Selling the Dream to the DIY Crowd

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to restore a vintage convertible yourself? Maybe you are considering a fun project to bond with a friend or family member? Looking to save money?

For the first time in our history, Roadster Salon is now offering select chassis for sale directly to our customers. These unrestored convertibles are being sold in their original condition, just as they came in. Previously, Roadster Salon Spiders were only sold as fully restored turn-key projects. Basically, we were hoarding everything for ourselves. But now for a limited time, we are making them available to prospective buyers who wish to do all or part of the work themselves. Each of these chassis have been screened and rated. You can find them in the new DIY section of our website. There are definitely some excellent buys here, and more than a few diamonds in the rough. Who knows, maybe a potential show car may be hidden beneath the surface.

All it takes is time, patience and vision.

Since British car enthusiasts typically enjoy doing their own work, this Spring we are featuring MG and Triumph in our DIY section. There are also a few select Fiat and Alfa Spiders. Condition ranges from road worthy cars in need of cosmetics to full scale rebuilds. In some cases we can assist buyers with parts, and can always help with shipping. We consider this as a win-win for Roadster Salon and customers alike. It is a great way to broaden our market to potential buyers with limited resources, as well as hobbyists who find this type of work fun and relaxing.

Please note that the cars featured in our DIY section are only a partial list of what may be available. Our inventory is fluid, and changes from week to week. Please give us a call to discuss your areas of interest.