Roadster Salon to debut 3 new models in 2022

One might assume when dealing with the constraints of a single chassis platform, the potential for innovation and refinement would be limited. Since 2016, Roadster’s line-up has been essentially unchanged. The “Orignale”, “Avanzato”, “Lusso S2, and Tributo series have been the staple of our line-up. It’s been six years without any increase in pricing, or significant revisions.

The pandemic has created many challenges for Roadster Salon. In the past two years we have struggled to maintain quality in the face of dramatically rising costs for parts, labor, paint, body, and fabrication. The cost of rebuildable spider chassis’ have also spiked. “The days of finding restorable rust free, fuel injected Spiders under $10,000 are all but over. If we base a project upon a $10-15K starting point it, becomes virtually impossible to do a proper job addressing cosmetic and mechanical details at an entry level price”, said Rob Baird Director of Operations.

We realized a few months ago we were doing our customers a disservice by trying to make our process more scalable and compromising details to stabilize pricing. The core of Roadster Salon’s build philosophy is “it takes as long as it takes to make it right”.  We strive to make every spider build better than the one that came before it. But the pandemic made achieving that goal increasingly difficult.

Prior to announcing our models, we considered simply dropping the base “Originale” from our line-up and continuing with the other models with adjusted pricing. Instead, we saw an opportunity to revitalize our product mix creatively while offering more value and performance. We informally polled our existing customers and asked them if upgraded versions of their builds were available at the time of their original purchase—would they pay more for something better? Their resounding answer was “yes”.

For 2022, Roadster will continue its development of our two EV models, which have undergone many revisions prior to the launch of our production ready version. Our “ICE” line-up will now consist of three models. The Spider Icona, Spider Rinata, and Spider Estrema. Watch this space for more information about each of these exciting new Roadster Salon products.

Ray Marchica