Spider Icona, our New Original Standard

As teased in our Mid-December posting, three new models have been finalized for our fresh line-up of 2022 spider re-creations.

For customers who long for the nostalgia of the original spider, and prefer the car restored to an original standard—we announce the Spider Icona. It’s the first release from our new line-up.

The word “Iconic” is defined as something widely viewed as exceptional, with distinctive excellence. The timeless beauty of the Fiat Spider by Pininfarina is truly “Iconic” in every sense. From the curvaceous body lines, advanced engineering to its brilliant technical design—the Spider looks at home in the company of the most revered classic sports cars ever built, regardless of price.

The Spider Icona is intended to appeal to the Purist customer, and replaces the Spider “Avanzato”. Roadster Salon retains the original character of the spider through the use of factory approved replacement parts. Where possible, we’ve improved the quality of the original spider’s fit and finish during re-assembly. The result is a car that feels just like old times—only better.

The Spider Icona is an advanced level restoration that includes all the essential mechanical elements to assure your Spider will be reliable and fun. It’s even more comprehensive than the Avanzato, and faithful to the original. Outstanding cosmetics include the full disassembly of the chassis prior to paint, and bare re-spray in your choice of color. The scope of mechanical work includes the removal/rebuild of the engine and transmission, as well the replacement of all wear items. The standards are high, but the car can still be enjoyed daily as a driver. Burled walnut and original style air conditioning are the only options.

If you are a purist looking for a nostalgic driving experience to take you back to a simpler time–the Spider Icona is your ticket to get there. Get out your Members Only jacket, styling mousse and New Wave CD. It’s time to party like its 1985. Prices start at $54,995 plus chassis.