Steering Rack Disaster

It may not look like much, but the photo above shows a portion of our proprietary custom rack and pinion steering upgrade. Back in December, we ordered our usual allocation of steering racks from our supplier—only to find that the unit had been discontinued without any warning or notice. Their excuse was lack of demand after COVID.

When you consider that our entire steering system design has revolved around this product since 2017, it was quite a blow. To the uninformed, it’s hard to appreciate the scope of this problem. Put simply, you can’t drive a car you can’t steer. Since the rack is connected to the cross member, you cannot install your engine without it. Further, interior installations must also be put on hold, as you are unable to weld beneath the car with anything combustible above it. This means production has ground to a halt. Luckily, we found a supplier in Germany who is willing to work with our specifications and re-supply our team in a timely fashion. Watch this space as the situation develops.