Still Waiting—Production Wrecked by No Racks

A sad scene at Roadster Salon this summer with many phases of production at a standstill. While still able to build drive lines, suspension and interiors—final assembly which includes the installation of engines and interiors has ground to a halt. The initial shipment of steering racks received in April could not be installed due to a manufacturing error from our new supplier in Europe. Additional refinements in the design were required prior to installation. The racks were shipped back to Germany for additional modifications that could not be handled state-side.

There is light at the end of the tunnel however, as the newly fabricated components are due back here in the US toward the end of July—which means arrival in Chicago mid-August after clearing customs. We apologize to our many customers who expected to see their projects completed earlier this Spring and Summer. According to production assistant Robert Rak “We have over a dozen chassis all in the same stage of readiness. Once the steering systems can be installed, things will start hopping.”