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"Now that weather is warming, I've had several opportunities to drive my new Lusso S2, and can actually make some observations. It is so much fun to drive! Wherever I go, I get people coming up and asking about the car. It usually ends up in a 20-minute conversation about the mods and Roadster Salon---which makes the car not really a fast way to get anywhere!"

Vince B, Ridgewood, NJ

"I flew in to see their facility with my wife. Thought we would only be there an hour, but spent almost the entire day with Ray, Rob and the staff. They had Spiders in all stages of completion, so it made it easy to visualize how mine would look when finished. I doubt there are more Spiders in one location anywhere in the world."

Bob and Kathy G, Sante Fe, NM

"Ray spent over an hour on the phone helping to properly set my expectations. He patiently went through all my options and we settled on doing an Avanzato model. That seemed like the best fit for me, and was exactly what I was looking for."

Ron W., Sacramento, CA

"They are incredibly patient. I’m a high maintenance type of customer and they held my hand through the entire process. The interaction and photos really helped me through the build process. There were no surprises on delivery because I had seen so much detail already."

David W. Miami, Florida

"I looked for a Spider for two years—but could never find one that met my standards. Spent several hours with me on the phone and helped narrow my search to a lovely Red spider. They were preparing. Delivered on time, and even nicer than I expected!"

Marlin in San Diego, CA

"Just delivered our upgraded Spider “Lusso”, and my wife and I are thrilled. We didn’t know a vintage car could be both nostalgic and contemporary at the same time. Worth every penny."

Dr. Dan, Duluth, MN

"Roadster Salon's interior craftsmanship is the finest I've seen. They manage to keep the cars looking original, but use high-end materials and fabrication far superior to what was in the original Spider. It's as if the factory was given the same budget as Ferrari to finish the inside of the car. Simply amazing!"

Andrew and Cynthia M, Long Island, NY

"Having a warranty on a 30 year old Spider is unheard of. Plus they helped set up a service relationship for me locally. Rob has provided great support, and I love the car."

Dr. Alan, Danbury, CT

"We’ve been a customer almost ten years—on our second spider from Roadster Salon."

Barry and Maggie, Barrington, IL

"This was my first experience with a classic car--prepared for the worst but got the best. Terrific service after the sale was made, and the guys are always available to answer my questions."

Kirk in Winnetka, IL

"To simply call these guys a restoration shop is really selling them short. They work passionately on only one type of car every day. Efficiency and repetition keeps the process affordable. Creative engineering too--an interesting business model for sure."

Dr. James, Newport Beach, CA

"A 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Series 1 Cabriolet recently sold at auction for over $6 million. My Roadster Salon Pininfarina looks better inside. I understand the "period correctness" involved here, but up close the way the leathers are tucked and matched are in no way better than the work I had done at Roadster Salon. You can quote me."

Nate W, Minneapolis, MN

"There is something special happening at Roadster Salon. The buzz on line is justified."

Danny in CT

"Love my 85.5 Spider. Bought it as an investment, but can’t stop driving it. No problems so far, tons of compliments. Thanks Ray and Rob!"

Mark, Cleveland, OH

"Picked out a chassis from their great selection for my triple black Lusso. Two days after it arrived, I was putting gas in at the station--and was offered much more than I paid for the car by an admirer. I said no—but told him where he could buy one. Roadster Salon!"

Andy W, Greenwich, CT

"I owned a Spider years ago, but could never get it going reliably. My classic beauty from Roadster Salon has been a revelation. Truly a turn key experience, and nothing but fun."

Salt Lake City, Utah

"Bought an '81 Spider Turbo from Ray and the team a few months ago. Having a great time at Classic car nights and Italian Car Events. Hope to be winning some trophies soon. Thanks guys!"

Carlos M, Los Angeles CA

"Bought two spiders from the guys—a 1982 turbo and a 83 Pininfarina. Fit and finish was superb. Paint was better than what was on the cars from the factory. Absolutely terrific work. Looking forward to doing more with Roadster Salon soon!"

Texas Dealer

"Great job on my Spider, hard to believe the car is 35 years old. I'm extremely pleased with you and your crew’s effort, my Fiat is a 10 Plus+. In addition to filling a need in the market place, your business also provides craftsman with the opportunity to express their high intellect with their hands and fingers."

Frank C. Clifton, New Jersey

"Had one in College and always wanted to buy another--but my wife refused to learn to drive a stick shift. You guys saved me with the automatic. Everything was well sorted before delivery. Love the interior—much nicer materials than I remember."

Julian in San Francisco, CA

"The boys built one to my specifications. Exact interior and paint combination like the one I owned in the early eighties. Lot’s of nice details and touches. Ray and Rob were a big help with the options and keeping me within my budget."

Carol in Montclaire, New Jersey

"I love my black Pininfarina. The grandchildren only want to drive in the little car!"

Peter D in Boston, MA

"These guys don't just restore cars. They recreate memories. My Avanzato is like a time machine taking me back to a time when life was a lot simpler. An hour behind the wheel and I feel like a teenager again. Money well spent I'd say. Thanks Guys!"

Angelo Z, Phoenix, Arizona

"Saw one of their cars while hunting on Ebay, but I wanted to duplicate the Spider I had in grad school. Roadster Salon restored one for me just the way I wanted it. Driven over 2000 miles so far and no issues. Impressive. Thanks Ray and Rob"

Elaine B, East Lansing Michigan

"I had seen their Fiats for years and was impressed by their workmanship--but I'm an MG guy. Imagine my surprise when I found they restored British cars too. Now driving a restored MGB from Roadster Salon. Really cool car."

Dr. Ben in San Francisco, CA

"I bought a lightly restored Triumph TR8 from Roadster Salon last fall on Ebay. I was shocked when it arrived under promised and over delivered--far exceeding my wildest expectations. Thanks Guys! Highly recommended."

Paul K. in St. Louis MO