The Best Laid Plans…

There is no easy way to say this, but our best laid plans to increase production to meet demand this summer driving season are off to a rocky start. This Spring, several of our best suppliers have reported stocking issues with numerous categories of components. These parts include alloy wheels, leather material, steering racks, and certain drive line items. Obviously, all are critical to our build process. While nothing new in post COVID times, we were caught unprepared and forced to locate other supply lines to fill in the gaps. We have only been partially successful finding alternatives to many items.

According to Director of Operations Rob Baird, “in spite of our efforts to plan ahead, these shortages have put our summer ramp-up process in serious jeopardy. The past few years have been challenging—as we’ve watched friends in our industry continue to struggle in this unpredictable business climate. It is gratifying to report that Roadster currently has several years of back orders. At face value this is a wonderful problem to have. But in reality, the daily stress of meeting customer expectations set prior to the pandemic can be daunting to say the least”. Watch this space and email thread for more updates.