The Difference is our Philosophy

Every business has ways to cut corners. Car restorers are no different. Using cheap labor and materials are just one way to save money. Skip a step. Don’t check your work multiple times. Maybe don’t check it at all. Sacrifice long term durability for quick fixes. And if it takes too long, add it to the bill.

The best shops accept the fact that you can’t in good conscience charge a customer for your problems when things go wrong. In this business, slow and steady wins the race. You can either build your brand slowly with tight margins and be fair to everyone–or go in for the kill and be gone in a few years. The choice is clear.

This philosophy applies in every aspect of what we do. From mechanical work, crafting interiors, to pain refinishing. This means hundreds of man hours, and many months of sweating the most minute details.

Our competitors cringe at our business model because we work from flat price estimates. We absorb more cost overruns than any restoration shop I know, in the interest of customer relations. The bottom line is that at some point we will need to revise this strategy by raising prices or going to a time and material model. But for now, realize that we always do our absolute best to provide the finest quality we can for a fair price. It may take longer than we plan, but the results will be worth it in the long run.