Lovely 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto

While Roadster Salon is renown for our restored and modified Fiat Spider product line, we still have a warm place in our hearts for the late 1960’s Alfa Romeo Duetto. Collectors are most interested in the 1967-68 version pictured, which feature dual Webber carburetors and sensational 1600cc engine. It is the definitive version of the car, and most highly regarded. Currently Roadster Salon has two additional vintage Duetto projects from 1967 in our inventory—both featured in Pininfarina red. One is actually available for a future customer project.

The featured car has only 70K original miles, and was partially refurbished at our shop. It arrived in excellent condition, requiring only minor chassis work and interior cosmetics. The lucky local owner plans to take the car to a concours level in the coming year while working from home during the pandemic.

Due to the size of our building and inability to safely social distance, we are planning to separate the production facility, corporate office/showroom and storage. This will allow us to keep our staff safer during the pandemic. Three new locations are anticipated. Watch this space for more information.

Yellow Screamer Leaves the Nest—Dionisio Special on its way to Switzerland with a stop in California

Unbelievably two April record snow storms in Chicago delayed our shipment on several occasions to one of the most patient and appreciative customers we have ever worked with. We will update you in his own words when the car arrives in Manhattan Beach. An incredible car for an even more incredible customer!


Dioniso Passes the test

No this is not an April fool’s joke. Over the past week, our team finally got enough of a break in the weather to get some miles logged on our most anticipated creation in recent years. It has been frustrating for everyone here at the Salon to look at this sweetheart and not be able to drive it on the road. You can only have so much fun revving the engine in our garage.

The Dioniso project was created digitally as a fully realized concept prior to production. Although some subtle changes were made along the way (no hood scoop or side vents) the car is faithful to its rendering in every other detail. Weather permitting, we will be shipping this amazing spider very soon. Stay tuned.

Duetto Time—and Dustin Hoffman is Jealous!

In spite of the weather, we have actually accomplished quite a bit with the garage doors closed. Winter’s grip has us in a strangle hold, but we’re hanging in there. Lot’s to get accomplished before next summer. We currently have three Alfa Romeo 1967-68 Duetto projects in process. The first of these will be ready to leave as soon as the weather breaks and we can get a transport truck in the driveway.

Another year-long project, this traditional restoration was done to the highest standard for a customer in Ohio. Every detail down to the signed engine plate and personalized Roadster Salon build tag makes this car a show stopper.

Material quality, panel fit, wiring and undercarriage detailing are all far superior to the original car. This near six-figure project is one of our nicest restorations to date. An amazing achievement to be enjoyed reliably for many years to come. We wish this Alfa buona fortuna in its new home!

We will keep you up to date on the other two Duetto builds. One has personalized modifications including a custom air conditioning system. It’s shipping to Florida. The other looks like the twin of the Ohio car, and is just getting started. Headed for Texas, the plan is to keep her the original orange-red.

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