A variety of custom roadsters to choose from

Spider Originale

Price on Application


While the appeal of a re-designed, contemporary Spider is clear—some customers prefer to maintain the spider’s originality. Roadster Salon is a happy to restore your spider to a completely original standard, based on your expectations and budget. Please ask our team about the pros and cons of this approach, and whether it may be right for you.

Spider Avanzato

From $39,995


The Spider Avanzato is an advanced level restoration that includes all the essential elements to assure your Spider will be reliable and fun. Key elements include full disassembly of the chassis prior to paint, bare metal re-spray in any color, the removal and full rebuild of the engine and transmission, and more. Unmodified 102 HP FI engine is standard. Lead times are typically 16-20 weeks. For more information, click here.

Spider Lusso S2

From $59,995


The original Lusso was the most popular single model in our history, harkening the look of Spiders from the 1960’s, lightly sprinkled with some vintage Ferrari DNA. Our new second generation Lusso features abundant technical innovations and upgrades not found in the original version. While many of the exclusive cosmetic elements remain, the mechanical and design upgrades are dramatic. Highlights include a 125HP fuel injected Fiat based engine, completely redesigned chassis including structural steel reinforcements, improved braking and suspension, plus an exclusive rack and pinion steering system are just a few of the changes. For more information, click here.

Spider Ultimo S2

From $79,995


The spider Ultimo S2 builds upon the innovative design technology of our new second generation Lusso, and takes it to a higher level of luxury, refinement, and performance. The center piece of the Ultimo S2 is our new 175 HP fuel injected 2.0 crate engine and matching five speed transmission. The entire drive train is covered by a 2 year 24,000 mile warranty. Stage two chassis enhancements include full structural undercarriage reinforcement, with massive braking upgrades. An optional roll bar is available with the package. For more information, click here.

Spider CE (Corsa-Evoluzione)

Priced from $119,500


What happens when you give your horsepower crazed engineers a clean sheet of paper and blank check? The new Roadster Salon Spider CE is our most radical expression of performance in a Fiat/Pininfarina Spider body. The Spider’s original tub is welded to a sophisticated steel full race frame. Under the custom hood is a fire breathing 2.3 liter turbo-charged monster with custom fuel management boasting nearly 350HP. Power is managed by a silky smooth six-speed transmission. Truly an Italian Cobra, the spider CE is as powerful as many vintage Ferraris, in a package that weighs substantially less. Light, nimble and agile, the Spider CE is truly a race car for the street. Aside from the subtle design cues, imagine the surprise when accelerating away from a toll booth as you leave a Porsche sniffing your exhaust fumes. For more information, click here.