Spider Avanzato

The Spider Avanzato is our least expensive “frame off” restoration, and arguably our best value if you wish to have an unmodified spider. It is an advanced level restoration that includes all the essential elements to assure your Spider will be reliable and fun. All of the most critical cosmetic and mechanical items are addressed. This includes full disassembly of the chassis prior to paint, bare metal re-spray in any color, the removal and full rebuild of the engine and transmission, and more. The original 102 HP fuel injected engine is standard. Lead times are typically 16-20 weeks.

Spider Lusso S2

The original Lusso was the most popular single model in Roadster Salon’s history. Harkening the look of vintage Spiders from the 1960’s, we lightly sprinkled some Ferrari DNA and created–magic. Roadster Salon’s second generation Lusso features numerous technical innovations and upgrades not found in the original version. While many of the exclusive cosmetic elements were retained, we dramatically upgraded virtually every other aspect of the car’s performance. Highlights include a 125HP fuel injected Fiat based engine, completely redesigned chassis including structural steel reinforcements, improved braking and suspension, an exclusive rack and pinion steering system with optional electronic power assist, and much more.

Spider Tributo

To suit the taste of both luxury and performance-oriented customers, two different versions of the Tributo are available. A Maserati themed version, and a second inspired by Ferrari. Each have their own unique personalities. The Spider Lusso S2 provides the basic framework for the Tributo. The new Maserati themed Tributo incorporates an entirely new dash design, custom white-faced LED gauges with a GPS tracked odometer and speedo, plus a real Maserati jewel-like clock as a binnacle centerpiece. All Tributo models feature our Generation II rack and pinion steering system, second generation structural chassis bracing, and upgraded multi-piston braking systems.

Our Ferrari inspired Tributo has more emphasis on sport. It is designed for those seeking a slightly harder edged car, with sharper reflexes and more performance. The heart of the Ferrari Tributo is our exclusive new turbocharged and inter-cooled Fiat 2.0 engine, which boosts horsepower to over 150. Also featured is stiffer suspension, unique dash with boost gauge and a custom hood with functional intake from the Spider America. Each car is finished exclusively in a color from Maserati’s or Ferrari’s factory color chart. Prices for the Maserati and Ferrari themed Tributo models start at $74,995 and $84,995 respectively.


For enthusiasts who are looking for the unique driving experience of a vintage car with an all-electric drive line, a manual transmission and reduced price—look no further. Like Fiat and Alfa in the 1960’s, RS continues the Italian tradition of offering both fully optioned models and a “Junior Version”. Our much anticipated EV Jr. fills this important niche.

Roadster Salon’s entry level EV features a single motor drive unit with slightly less range and performance than our dual drive unit found in the Spider America EV. Luxury class interior appointments remain, as do many of the sub-chassis and suspension upgrades found in its more expensive sibling. Consider the Spider EV Junior as an electrified cousin of our gas driven Spider Lusso. As with all Roadster Salon custom builds, choices of interior and exterior colors/materials are up to the client. EV Jr. models carry the same warranty as their big brother. Prices start at $89,995 for the base version. Reservations now being accepted for 2020-21 production.

Spider America EV

In 2016, we began development of the Spider America based on a high-performance gas driveline. But after several years of testing and the emergence of an all-electric alternative, it became clear that a change in direction was necessary. The Spider America’s stunning body enhancements and technical upgrades provided the ideal platform for the ultimate expression of Roadster Salon’s design and engineering capabilities.

The new EV version provides similar performance to its combustion-based predecessor, but with exciting new technology. A dual motor drive unit capable of over 200 ft lbs of torque mated to a five-speed gear box creates an unmatched driving experience wrapped around a timeless vintage car body. Braking and handling are enhanced by our proprietary steering and structural upgrades. A truly stunning visual and tactile affair, the Spider America EV has no peer. Roadster Salon EV models are built on their own production line, to the highest possible standards. Prices start at $139,995. Please call for more information. Now accepting reservation deposits for 2020-21 production.